Gustavo Dendi – Customs Broker, established in 1993, is a company devoted to Foreign Trade. Integrated by a team of professional experts in foreign trade, the company strives for a permanent quality policy and strictly abide by legal standards.


Our team provides counselling services to companies thanks to the advantages offered by Uruguayan law which favours the development of companies and foreign trade. Our counselling services include the analysis of means of transportation, surcharges and taxes, sources, trademarks, products, prices, amounts and any information related to your goods trade from source country to destination country; particularly related to logistics services offered by the Free Trade Zones and the Free Port of Montevideo infrastructures.

Uruguayan governments have constantly been interested in having Uruguay met international trade requirements and, for decades, have been implementing standards to promote foreign trade. The Law on Free Trade Zones and the Law on Ports are clear examples of this trend as they contain fiscal and customs exemptions which are extremely favourable for trade in the region.


In a globalized world, where companies work as if borders did not exist, the most suitable locations for every step of the production and trading chain are constantly sought. As such, Uruguay has become an attractive tool for companies. We are a leading company in terms of information and implementation of imports, exports, foreign trade and transit.

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